Steel Detailing is an important step in the design process of Multi-Story Office Buildings, Schools and Universities, Stadiums, Airports, Hospitals, and Commercial Buildings.

Post the completion of architectural design and the basic engineering, our steel detailers review and interprets the architectural and structural engineering drawings to gain a thorough understanding of the design of the building and how to structurally model all the structural components including primary members such as beams and columns, the welded or bolted connections and secondary members such as access stairs, cladding supports, and roofing supports.

Structural steel detailing is a critical and obligatory step in all forms of manufacturing and construction operations, including the installation of residential and commercial structures, factories and institutions, and ships. Steel detailing is a critical ‘communications link’ that unites essential professions such as engineers, architects, contractors, fabricators, and others—all of whom are individually and collectively accountable for the highest standards at each stage.

Our designers have the necessary expertise to prepare perfect General Arrangement Drawings, Anchor Plans. Shop Drawings and Erection Drawings.

"Structural steel detailing is a vital procedure in structural engineering that requires near-perfect precision. Even minor mistakes might result in the loss of significant time and energy. Every hour we spend perfecting our drawings is a day gained for our client during the fabrication and erection of these massive steel structures."

- Jose Babu Maliakel

Founder and Managing Director

Our process

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Kick-off Meeting
Concept Sketches &
Detailed Planning
Detailed Engineering &
Client Review Round &
Project Evaluation

Our Shareholders

After our partial privatization in 2001, we were listed on the Oslo and New York stock exchanges, ensuring broad international ownership. Industris has one class of shares, with all shares carrying equal right to vote at general meetings.

The decision that shareholders have the right to make or our articles about the association, can be done by a simple majority of votes. In the case of elections, those with the most votes will be elected. However, some decisions, including a waiver of concessions regarding any share issues, to approve mergers or mergers, to amend the terms of our association or allow for an increase or decrease in share capital, must be approved by at least two-thirds of the total votes as well as two-thirds of the share capital is represented at the shareholders’ meeting.

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Marine Engineering

From simple hand calculations of vessel stability to fully dynamic analysis of marine operations, we perform all type of marine analysis to support any kind of offshore construction work.

To do this, we combine hands on operational experience with unrivaled knowledge of multibody motion analysis based on interaction with waves and current and wind

Piping Design

We can assist by providing engineering support in the form of Piping Design & Drafting. We assist in the preparation of P&ID, pipe routing, clash checking, preparaton of spool drawings and preparation of material specificatons are our forte. 

Whether its the piping design for scrubbers, ballast water treatment systems or a newbuild project, we are ready for our next challenging project.

Structural Detailing & Drafting

Detailed drawings and fabrication drawings can be time consuming. We can deliver technical details drawings in accordance with the company quality procedures, including machining tolerances, welded or bolted connections details and BOM list.

Our team of experts have a proven track record in preparing fabrication drawings for steel buildings, bridges, pipe racks, offshore topsides and equipment’s platforms.

Structural Engineering

With world-class engineering skills, technical back up and in-depth knowledge of current design standards, we deliver the best, most resilient and efficient structures for our offshore, maritime and onshore clients. 

Our talented and experienced engineers are equipped with the most sophisticated design tools and constantly explore new ways to design and build using innovative materials and advanced methods of construction.